What is a Spirit Night?

Raise money for your organization with us in a fun way!

Invite your group in for a Spirit Night at The Yogurt Experience! We will donate 20% of all sales from members of your organization that FULL DAY back to you.

We look at Spirit Days as a fun way to connect with the community to not only fundraise but to create a team building atmosphere for families and friends to get together for a fun event! We appreciate being a part of your event!


Fun Ideas for Spirit Nights

  1. Create Grade Level or Class Competition - who can have the most participation wins a prize (longer lunch/recess/etc.)
  2. Ask the Coach, Principal, or Teacher to be at the shop (we can find a fun job for them!)
  3. Ask Choir/Band/Etc to perform 
  4. Ask Librarian to host a storytime
  5. Collect donations for a cause (ie. towels for a animal shelter, canned goods for food pantry)

Bottom line, the more people you get to your Spirit Night, the more funds you can raise for your organization.  We are here to help!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out! 


How Does a Spirit Night Work?

We want your event to be well-attended and successful, so we have a few helpful hints to ensure it is! 

We will create an Event Flyer for you.  Follow these ideas for maximum promotion!

    • Post on Facebook 
    • Post on Instagram
    • Post in Online Social Groups (Nextdoor, Facebook Groups)
    • Send out in Newsletter
    • Send out in Email 
    • Send out on Paper Flyers 
    • Utilize all forms of communication to reach all members 
    • Ask Teachers/Coaches/Parents to send out an email 
    • Send out a “save the date” 2 weeks in advance
    • Make sure the flier is posted/emailed at least 1 WEEK in advance
    • Send out a reminder post 1 DAY in advance
    • Post a reminder on Social Channels
    • Send out an email reminder
    • Create stickers for kids shirts/backpacks/folders
    • Create a sign announcing the event
    • Encourage participants to take home a pint of Froyo or Family Game

Interested in Hosting a Spirit Night with Us?